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Section 4 of the Construction Regulations
(2003) requires that:

(1) A client shall be responsible for the following in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act:

(a) To prepare a documented health and safety specification for the construction work …;
(d) To take reasonable steps to ensure that each principal contractor's health and safety plan … is implemented and maintained on the construction site;
(e) To stop any contractor from executing construction work which is not in accordance with the principal contractor's health and safety plan …;
(2) A client shall discuss and negotiate with the principal contractor the contents of the health and safety plan … and thereafter finally approve the health and safety plan for implementation.
(4) No client shall appoint a principal contractor to perform construction work, unless the client is reasonably satisfied that the principal contractor that he or she intends to appoint has the necessary competencies and resources to carry out the work safely.




Construction in South Africa contributes up to more than 25% of Formal Employment, relatively low compared to other parts of Africa; and as well as providing work for casual laborers and contributing over 2.6 percent of GDP for the nation. So therefore, it is our duty as a company to ensure that our children learn the technical skill within the industry, for them to capitalise on the given/none given opportunities. We want to ensure that at least 20% of children ageing between 9 - 25 years in today’s time are converted to industry architectures of their own dreams as they journey to greener pastures, perfecting beautiful God's creations.


Our Mission is to develop construction projects that have a potential to supply various markets with quality developments. Part of our Corporate Social Investment Wing focusses on the existing projects that are managed by hardworking breadwinners, and women of great faith. We encourage all South Africans to stand up and do things for themselves. The time to sit and cry is over, and this is the time to take what remains of our country and move forward as a prosperous nation in the 21st Century. We aim to build mostly women of courage who will take the lead as a driving force in all the Country's future endeavors.

As a company with ambitions to spread through-out the African continent, Moabi Investments has formed a partnership with Abby Khumalo Foundation (NPO) a none profit organisation', to implement vigorous and innovative CSI programmes intended to positively impact the lives of masses of the South Africans; where Moabi has or intends to have business interests and partnerships. Corporate Social Investment will always be a standing item in the Board of Directors deliberations of Moabi Investments, and the entire company's future. This is seen as a critical enabler of the key aspect of Moabi's vision of leveraging our trade secret to refresh the world, deliver value and make a difference.


Moabi Investments believes that the success of the business depends on the large extent on the quality of leadership at all levels of the corporation. Hence there is a focus to invest in the corporate leaders across all levels in Moabi. The organization has created an integrated training intervention from entry level to the top. To reflect the importance which Moabi Board of Directors places on training and skills development, one of the strategic business divisions in its business structure, is Training, Education and Skills Development with a stout and broad agenda. Through this, Moabi intends to touch the lives of the masses of the African people by also training young people from disadvantaged communities, and introducing them to the world of business as an entry level to Business Management Principles.

The company is in the process of taking training outside of Moabi to the communities at lager. We are in the process of registering with the relevent seta's, and we have formed alliances with seasoned academics, training and development specialists, to oversee our training and community development initiatives.