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In terms of ‘Structures 6(1)’, the Construction Regulations require a range of health and safety (H&S) interventions by designers. Furthermore, there is a need in South Africa for holistically educated clients, project managers, architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, quantity surveyors, construction managers, and construction H&S consultants. Currently, most tertiary built environment programmes, particularly designer related, do not address construction H&S, and if so, then to a limited or cursory extent. 





The Role of Moabi Investments CC in Construction Health & Safety focuses on issues and processes related to appointing and managing stakeholders in terms of H&S in all the projects we craft for our clients. This focus will include the interface between clients, construction project managers, construction H&S agents, designers, quantity surveyors, contractors (construction managers), subcontractors (construction managers), and suppliers, including construction H&S managers and officers, and other stakeholders. The theme is identified due to the role of procurement and Moabi in H&S, the issues that arise, and mention of the supply chain relative to ‘accidents’, and collapses in the media. The main focus is enforced of relevance to architects, Construction H&S Agents / Managers / Officers, engineers, inspectors, interior designers, project managers, quantity surveyors, and all interested construction role players.



Generally, the Construction Regulations are perceived to have had an impact. The manifestations of the impact are wide spread (which was the intention of the Construction Regulations), and in particular increased H&S awareness and increased consideration for, or reference to, H&S by project managers and general contractors. However, research results indicate that there is a huge growth since the implementation of sector regulations; and we as a company are proud to be contributing with our many years of experience to change the South African Construction sector for generations to come.

The Construction Regulations place the responsibility for construction H&S on all participants in the construction process - including clients. In addition to good corporate governance issues, the client therefore has a legal obligation to address H&S in the procurement process, which is reflected in (amongst others) the selection and appointment of the project participants and contract documentation. Notwithstanding this legal responsibility, clients are in a unique position to drive H&S performance improvement or the behaviour of project participants (including contractors) by prequalifying and/or selection of contractors based on H&S practices.


Health and Safety compliance in Construction has never been more important. The need for Members to comply with the increasing volume of legislation is facilitated by the excellent safety management services provided by our company. It's our company mission to promote a positive culture shift which will facilitate continual improvement thereby contributing to the elimination of Occupational Injury, Disease, Loss and the prevention of damage to the Environment.