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Procurement (SFU) establishes minimum requirements for uniformity in construction procurement and is based on Construction Procurement Best Practices published by the Board. Compliance with this standard is mandatory for organs of state who solicit tender offers in the construction industry. The SFU defines 'quality (functionality)' as "the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs". 'Quality' is equated to 'functionality' in the SFU because of the preference to use 'functionality' in the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act No. 5 of 2000 (PPPFMA), whereas reference to 'quality' is more common internationally.




From large scale infrastructure developments to commercial developments, the Moabi Investment CC has an impressive history of successful civil engineering projects. We draw on our extensive technical knowledge, critical resources and a wealth of specialized skills to provide engineering services in road construction, pipelines, dams and premium residential and commercial developments. Our 'Do it right the first time motivation has been a cornerstone of our consistent quality developments, and a driving force in all our civil and construction projects. We employ only the best in human investments and develop them further.



With experience in the construction of industrial and residential projects such as multi-story buildings, warehouses and bus depots, amongst others, Moabi is equipped to oversee the construction and site management of small and large-scale building projects from start to finish. We have vast experience and qualifications in Project Management, hence the flare in our approach. We are a group of hungry entrepreneurs who have failed many times in the beginning, and through such perseverance are driven to succeed. We are innovative, and practical in all our business dealings.



The pervasive use of asphalt in many areas of construction has created a need for a specialized focus on asphalting services. To this end, Moabi was established to service not only the government, but the industry at large. With specialized skills and equipment, Moabi provides asphalting and road surfacing services to several municipalities and civil contractors. We also offer road rehabilitation solutions, including the reconstruction of damaged surfaces. Our portfolio ranges from residential road reconstruction and development, to main roads construction and maintenance, and as well as freeway developments.



Our concrete construction experience spans across the crucial areas of water purification and treatment works, having constructed several major projects in this sector. Additionally, we provide both pedestrian and vehicle bridges, utilizing both steel and concrete. We aim to rebuild South Africa, and to introduce world class architectural experience, and mainly bring back dignity. It is the genius of architects that brings respect, pride and as well as patriotism to civilians. We promote continuous quality developments, informed decision making, and as well as proper corporate management systems.



Moab Investments CC has been delivering excellence in scaffold hire or contract, and construction for many years with hundreds of satisfied customers throughout South Africa. Moabi has been offering scaffolding jobs of all manner and sizes, no job is too big or too small for us, we cater to industrial contractors and the public with all services customized to the buyer's needs. We are a leading supplier of premium aluminium, kwikstage and self-lock scaffold systems. We have a fully trained staff with many years of experience in scaffolding installations, and up to date safety standards, guided by construction health & Safety.



We provide a variety of electrical work ranging from construction of Municipal and Township Reticulation; Electrical Transmission and Distribution Networks, Sub-Station, Industrial installation and Electrical Contracting to Maintenance services of electrical engineering infrastructure for both Private and Public Sector industries. The latest service offering includes Telecommunications services, specifically fiber optic installation. The electrical field has developed hugely to an extent that it has links with the international global world. We work in one full spirit as a team, team spirit build morality and morality builds structural balances.